Driving Lesson Prices

Teaching 7 Days 7am till 9pm



1 Hour Lesson £38.50
10 Hour Block Booking £370



1 Hour Lesson £39
10 Hour Block Booking £380



10 hour block booking* Manual / Automatic (5 Day Course) £395/£385
20 hour block booking* Manual / Automatic (2 Weeks Course) £765/£760
30 hour* Manual / Automatic (3 Weeks Course) £1160/£1200
40 hour* Manual / Automatic (4 Weeks Course) £1550/£1650
Pass Plus course £270
Test & 1 Hour Lesson £110

Intensive Courses

Intensive Course prices are for driving tuition only. Cost of theory or practical tests are excluded however we do offer to book any driving test on behalf of the pupil for free as long as the test fees are paid in advance.

This course is particularly recommended for learners of limited or basic experience.

The Comprehensive 40 Hour Learner Course

This course caters for the learner with no previous experience, and is designed to offer the complete syllabus for learning to drive and reaching suitable driving test standard (subject to progress of learner). Hours can be arranged with the instructor to suit your own availability however we would recommend allowing a minimum of 4 weeks to comfortably prepare for your driving test.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers. This specially designed course by the Driving Standards Agency is to help you:

- Deal with a wide range of road and traffic situations that you have probably never faced before
- Save money on car insurance premiums
- Boost your hazard awareness and help you to plan and anticipate what's going on around you helping to reduce your risk of being in a road crash
- Boost your confidence
- Give peace of mind to your loved ones
- There are six modules to cover, during which you will be assessed by the instructor. There is no test at the end of the course.
The course can be taken within the first 12 months of passing your practical driving test.

The price for the complete course is £250